AK Aesthetics is a professional aesthetics clinic based on Rodney Street in Liverpool and Birkdale Village, Southport. We offer a wide variety of aesthetics treatments and services to clients of all ages and backgrounds.

Aesthetics in Liverpool and Birkdale, Southport

Here at AK Aesthetics, we provide our clients with a large range of aesthetic treatments and services. Based on Liverpool’s Rodney Street and Birkdale Village, Southport, our clinics offer beauty treatments that are innovative and non-surgical.

We are an award-winning aesthetics company, from both of our clinics, we offer a range of anti-ageing treatments, as well as more holistic skin treatments.

We provide our customers with dermal fillers and lip volumizing treatments which aim to enhance the target area. We also offer line softening treatments which are examples of our anti-aging treatments, as well as HIFU treatment, which has a number of different benefits including lifting and tightening skin.

As part of our skin clinic, we specialise in providing skin peels, which are a step-up from your regular facial treatment. We also provide microneedling treatment to encourage the body’s natural processes to enhance the skin, and dermaplaning for exfoliation purposes.

We also carry out ThermaVein treatments, which target visible veins, but also offers other benefits. Our plasma treatments, like many others, have a range of benefits including skin tightening.

Read on to find out more details about what each of these treatments consists of at AK Aesthetics.

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Our use of Dermal fillers aims to improve the appearance of fine lines, as well as to enhance cheeks, lips and jawline through an injectable gel, making your features stand out, making the most of your natural qualities. Our line softening treatments temporarily reduce the activity of muscles that lead to facial lines by administering a series of tiny injections, reducing the impact of muscle use that contributes to signs of aging.

Furthermore, our Lip enhancements can add volume to the lips, and lift the corners of the mouth to structure the lip area to contour it as desired, leaving your lips kissable and sure to leave a smile on your face.

We are also pleased to offer non-surgical treatments that help to tighten the skin such as radio frequency with Microneedling, which lifts and tightens the skin by using small needles to induce collagen production, part of the body’s natural processes.

Moreover, our HIFU treatment stands for high-intensity focused ultrasound, working to increase the blood flow, and featuring wide-ranging benefits, including lifting and tightening targeted areas.

As well as these treatments, we also offer clients a focused selection of skin treatments. Firstly, skin peels use liquid chemicals to remove dead skin cells, stimulating the growth of new cells, literally leaving you with a new layer of skin as you shed your old layers like a snake.

Additionally, our microneedling treatment involves puncturing the skin with tiny needles to induce collagen with an Innopen to revitalise skin and leave you walking out our door feeling fresh-faced and happy.

A treatment that specifically focuses on exfoliation is  dermaplaning, which removes the top layer of dead skin, as well as fine, vellus hair.

Whilst our ThermaVein treatment works to target veins in the skin by delivering a microburst of current through the surface of the skin, it also has a range of other benefits too.

Lastly, plasma treatments offer a process of skin tightening, and it can be used on many different areas of the skin, offering results that rival surgery without the added risks and recovery time.

If you would like to discover more about the range of treatments we offer from our Liverpool and Birkdale clinic, please get in touch and let us know which treatments you are interested in.

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