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Laser IPL Hair Removal In Beauty Salon

IPL vs Laser Hair Removal

At AK Aesthetics, we are proud to be able to offer our customers a good range of treatments and products to suit the requirements of all.  Some who are looking at our IPL or laser hair removal service may have had one or the other of these treatments in the past, while others will only have heard of these two options, without ever having tried it.  For the benefit of all our existing customers, and those who are new to our services, to help you always choose the right treatment for you and have confidence in your treatment, we will explain how each treatment works, what is needed from you when you book the treatments, and describe any differences between the two.

IPL Hair removal

IPL laser hair removal stands for Intense Pulsed Light, and uses a wide spectrum of light that is directed towards the individual hairs wherever you wish it removed, to the pigment known as Melanin.  It is not actually a laser treatment, but uses a range of light to cover a wider area of skin.  Melanin absorbs this light and in turn it makes the follicle or root, where the hair grows and is sustained from, go into a resting condition by heating it up.  This will then cause the hair already present to fall out and also gives you up to 8 weeks of freedom from any shaving, waxing and so on.  Visible permanent hair removal can be gained from repeated treatments.

Laser Hair Removal

This treatment also targets the melanin in the hair.  However, unlike IPL hair removal, UK customers should note that it is actually a laser beam that precisely controls pulses of energy, to create a process called photo thermal destruction.  This laser has a densified light, that penetrates the skin deeply.  Although this may sound harsh, it too only serves to target and heat up the hair and influence the follicle to go into a resting phase, in much the same way as IPL.  Over time, with a number of sessions, the hair in the areas it’s been applied will be visibly reduced, or permanently removed.

Which One Should You Use?

It depends firstly on your skin type.  As IPL is more dispersed it will affect not only the follicle, but the skin as well.  If you have a darker skin tone, then it will attract the light increasing the chance of skin damage.  However, laser is more concentrated and more powerful, harnessing all of the energy into one direct wave of light, without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.  Laser lights also produce faster results as it targets all of energy into hair removal.

How Can You Prepare?

As both treatment types affect the colour pigmentation in the hair known as Melanin, carrying that energy to the follicle, it is important that you come to your appointment with some hair growth above skin level.  Also, make sure you book in for a consultation with our therapists to make certain we choose the right treatment for you.  As we are sure we can find a setting and treatment to suit you, it is worth finding out more by contacting our clinic.


Following each treatment, you should avoid using any perfumed products and stick to gentle lotions, such as Aloe Vera, that are known to soothe your skin.  Also, avoid doing things that could irritate the skin such a very hot baths, sitting in Jacuzzis and saunas, or sunbathing.  To begin with it is also advisable to wear loose and comfortable clothing after each session.

For more information on removal of your hair via either laser, IPL Hair Removal, or any other treatment contact us at AK Aesthetics today.