IPL vs Laser Hair Removal

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Therapy use light to heat the hair and remove it.

Here at AK Aesthetics, we offer a variety of beauty treatments to those based in the UK, from our Liverpool base, including both IPL and laser hair removal. In both cases, the treatment targets the colour of the hair follicle in order to break it down. However, the treatments differ in that IPL stands for Intense Pulse Light, and makes use of a whole spectrum of light of varying wavelengths to target the hairs, whilst laser hair removal treatment uses one particular wavelength of light.

Prior to both IPL and laser hair removal treatments, it is necessary for the hair to be as short as possible, but still visible at the surface of skin. This is why waxing or plucking should be avoided, as the hair is taken out from the root. Shaving is recommended to get the hair to the ideal length for the IPL or laser to penetrate the hair pigment in the most effective way. As some people have reservations about this, depilatory creams may be used instead, but this should be a week or two before the treatment in order for the hairs to be at the correct length.

Following your IPL or laser hair removal treatment, you should avoid any depilatory creams for another week or two, and only apply 100% Aloe Vera to the treatment area to gently soothe the skin. You should avoid touching the skin in this area, and wear loose cotton clothing. Avoid anything that may irritate the skin whilst it’s sensitive, such as exercise, stream rooms, saunas, Jacuzzis, and swimming pools. When showering or bathing, try to keep the water tepid, so it doesn’t get too hot.

Whether you’re looking for IPL or laser hair removal, get in touch with AK Aesthetics today to find out more.

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