Semi Permanent Makeup

Semi Permanent Makeup, micropigementation, tattoo, microblading, eyebrow embroidery and SPMU treatments available at AK Aesthetics.

What is SPMU?

Semi-permanent makeup also known as micropigmentation, tattooing, microblading, eyebrow embroidery and SPMU is a cosmetic procedure which involves small amounts of pigment that is implanted into the dermal layer of your skin.

What is the difference between microblading and spmu? 

For semi permanent makeup, a cosmetic digital tattooing machine is used. It’s different from a regular tattoo machine in that the frequency is much lower meaning the pigment is implanted closer to the surface of the skin. Whereas microblading uses a manual hand tool instead of a machine.

How long does it take to heal? 

The healing process takes about 10 days.

The lips will look very dry and chapped as they heal, the colour gets lighter, and then as the skin heals, it comes back. You usually see the full, truest colour after about two weeks.

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