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The Evolution of the Aesthetics Industry

Here at AK Aesthetics, we are a clinic based in Liverpool Rodney Street and Birkdale Village offering a variety of beauty treatments to those who live in the UK. Today we are going to take a look at the evolution of the aesthetic industry, so read on to explore the history of this growing industry and where we are today.

The Mask We Wear

Whilst the wearing makeup dates back to the ancient Egyptian times, aesthetic treatments that used surgery date back to more recent times. During the 16th century, surgery was often used to mask those suffering from the disease of syphilis. As the illness affected the nose, aesthetic surgery was used to repair the appearance of the nose in order to pass as healthy.

The Enlightenment Period

After a period without much development, in the 18th century, cosmetic surgery came about in order to correct “abnormal” appearances. The age of enlightenment continued into the 19th century, and it was during the First World War (1914-1918) that cosmetic surgery was used to help soldiers suffering from disfiguring facial injuries. This combined the medical and aesthetic side of surgery, whilst also arguably providing mental benefits at least at a surface level, offering the opportunity to move forward from the trauma of war.

Modern Aesthetics Developments

It was during the mid-19th century that we saw the development of modern anaesthesia and antisepsis. Using the skill and knowledge of modern surgical techniques, anaesthesia and antisepsis, the emphasis shifted towards the pursuit of happiness and the idea that you could become someone new, better and happier by altering the body. However, despite the increased popularity of such aesthetic treatments, throughout the following centuries there has been stigma around surgery. Historically, there has also been a close link between cosmetic surgical trends and what we value as a culture, as well as changing ideas about race, health, femininity and ageing. The most common cosmetic operations requested before the 20th century targeted features such as ears, noses and breasts that were deemed unattractive as they weren’t typical for white people.

AK Aesthetics Today

Whilst culture and society at large is still influenced by the aforementioned issues, we are seeing a move away from surgical treatments and a move towards non-surgical treatments, thanks to the developments of the aesthetics industry. This means we can offer treatments such as dermaplaning, plasma skin treatment and the best dermal fillers and more. Our treatments focus on offering clients a more youthful appearance, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, and enhancing your natural beauty by plumping up lips and sculpting your facial features.

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