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Our Skin Peels

At AK Aesthetics, we offer a variety of beauty therapies from our salons in Liverpool and Birkdale Village. We believe that a skin peel treatment can work wonders to help rejuvenate your complexion and help achieve many desired outcomes. Whether it be to brighten up a dull complexion and even out tone, or helping to revitalise the face while minimising the appearance of ageing through encouraging cell turnover.

 We would like to help you decide if this is right for you, so your first step with us will be a skin peel treatment face consultation. You can book to see one of our specialists and discuss your concerns, including desired results. Once you book an appointment with us, you can trust you are in professional, trained hands.

The chemical peel skin treatment consists of one of our therapists brushing a liquid solution onto the face. This effectively is the chemical that will trigger a reaction to remove dead cells and stimulate cell turnover of the epidermis. The beauty treatment skin peel takes approximately 30 minutes, comprising of one session. Once complete, you will have to wait to see the results, and will probably experience some redness. This should fade within a few hours, and you will need to stay out of the sun to allow your face to recover. The session process may also include an aftercare kit, but at the very least, you will need to apply sun protection. Once any residual redness fades, you can begin to see results and enjoy the benefits of a more youthful, bright and glowing complexion as the chemicals do their work. 

Whether you are looking for a skin peel Liverpool based treatment or any of our other beauty therapies, get in touch with AK Aesthetics today to find out more by completing our online contact form, or by emailing us at Alternatively, you can speak with a member of our dedicated staff directly by calling us on 0151 708 6000. We will be glad to help by answering any of your questions or providing more information on any other services that we offer.